Short term care for long term value

Solid Wood Care

Built for Daily Life

Our solid wood slabs are built for daily life. The hardwax oil finish that we use is a plant-based, zero-VOC formula that is great for your environment and even better for your daily routine.

Incredibly stain and heat resistant, we encourage you to enjoy your Table Guy wood slab table freely. Spill the wine and use the hotpot as much as you like, simply remember to wipe up after use.

Rules of Thumb:
If it doesn't stain your skin, it can be wiped off your table. (E.g., Coffee/ tea can be rinsed off your hand, it can also be wiped off your table. On the other hand, permanent marker can't be rinsed off, and you'll need a solvent to remove it).

The only thing we haven't tested is a table BBQ... but prevention is better than cure. If it's too cold/ hot to hold, use a coaster/ trivet.

Day-to-Day Care

Our solid wood slabs are prized for their rarity and unique grain features. Built from hardwood trees, every piece is a precious resource that is designed to last generations, with proper care.

Solid wood furniture should be kept indoors, out of direct sunlight, in an area with good ventilation and low humidity.

Daily Maintenance:
Clean promptly after use. Do not allow spills or debris to dry and stick to the wood surface as this will be difficult to remove without damage.

For greasy spills, or in the event that the stain has dried on the table, wet it with our surface cleaner before wiping off.

Allow the surface to dry thoroughly before placing any table decor back on the table (eg centrepiece/ vases).

Our solid wood slabs are incredibly stain and heat resistant, but prevention is always better than cure.

For things that may be dripping wet for a long period (like an ice bucket), use coasters or other waterproof layer between the table and the item.

As a rule of thumb, if it's too hot to hold with your bare hand, it's safer to use trivets or other heat protection.

Prevent scratches with placemats and tablecloths, and avoid dragging plates on the table.

For more detail, read the blog here.

Interval Maintenance

Keep your table looking perfect for longer, with just 20 minutes a year.

Apply Maintenance Oil to your table surface annually, to refresh and strengthen the protective seal on your wood surface. With its plant-based, zero-VOC formulation, this can be DIY-ed right at home, in just 20 minutes.

Click here for the demo.


The Table Guy's wood slabs are incredibly stain and heat resistant for daily life, but accidents happen. The great thing is: a solid wood slab can be easily restored repeatedly.

There are stain removers available for various different types of stains, such as permanent marker, wine, flowerpots.

For best results, the earlier you address the stain, the easier it will be to remove. Should you require assistance with removing a stain, please contact your sales adviser for guidance.

Do not panic, and do not scrub. The hardwax oil finish that we use allows the wood surface to "breathe", so simply dry the surface thoroughly with a soft cloth, and give it a few days to evaporate.

Wood is a relatively soft surface (than say, stone), and may get scratched by dragging hard items on it.

Hairline scratches (the kind that you can only see at an angle) can usually be minimised with a fresh application of maintenance oil. Deeper scratches can be removed with a refinishing session, which will restore the surface to new.

The Table Guy clients enjoy our workshop services at preferential rates. For assistance/ guidance on repairing your Table Guy wood slab, contact us here.


The best thing about solid wood slabs: they're essentially really premium material that you can use forever, even if you outgrow its original use.

The Table Guy clients enjoy exclusive access to our repurposing services, so the resources you consume can go further and deliver greater lifetime value.

A note about wood furniture: the bulk of the cost of your furniture comes from the labour and transport to turn the material into something functional and beautiful. You won't save a lot in terms of money, but you will save the Earth.

For assistance with repurposing your old Table Guy furniture, contact us here.

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