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Daily Clean Set

Daily Clean Set

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The Daily Clean Set contains all the essentials you need for the daily upkeep of your solid wood table. 

Regular Dusting
Use a dry/ slightly damp cloth to remove dust. No surface cleaner required.

Cleaning After Use
Spray Surface Cleaner generously on table surface/ where spills are, and wipe off with a damp cloth. Allow table surface to dry completely before replacing any coverings (eg placemats/ table cloth etc).

Refilling The Surface Spray
The Soap Concentrate dilution is 1:100 - to refill your surface spray bottle, use approximately half a cap of concentrate. Extremely economical and effective, each concentrate bottle can refill up to 25 spray bottles.

The Daily Clean Set includes:

  1. Soft Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Random Colour)

  2. Surface Spray (400ml)

  3. Spray Refill Soap Concentrate (100ml)

Solid Wood Care

When cared for properly, solid wood is extremely durable and sustainable.

Clean promptly after use, do not allow spills and stains to dry on the table.

A top up application of oil is recommended to restore the protective layer on the wood and minimise any damage from accidents.

More serious user damage can be repaired with various methods. Please contact us for advice.

Delivery & Installation

Complimentary delivery is included on orders above $800 and is conducted on working weekdays between 9am to 6pm.

We recommend bundling cleaning and maintenance products with your table purchase to enjoy free shipping.

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