Performs like wood, lasts longer outdoors.

Onewood Care

What is Onewood?

Onewood is a homogenous reconstituted timber, developed right here in sunny Singapore!

Built for our equatorial weather, here are 3 reasons Onewood is our favourite sustainable solution to outdoor dining:

(1) Onewood is built from fast-growing plantation trees. Reconstituted from trees that mature within 5-10 years, Onewood is a more renewable resource than hardwood (which takes several decades to a century to replace, depending on wood type).

(2) Onewood performs like wood. Onewood exhibits the same random grain features that are iconic of natural timber, and is a homogenous material which enables repeated restorability, giving you a greater material lifespan.

(3) Onewood offers true low maintenance. Structurally resilient to our equatorial weather, Onewood has been tested for over a decade in full outdoor exposure in Singapore. This means you can opt for less maintenance of your outdoor furniture, without worrying about rotting!

Want to view it for yourself? The Ki Dining Set (Outdoor) can be experienced at our showroom... outside!

Do I need to get it sealed?

As Onewood is structurally resilient to Singapore's weather, sealing your Onewood furniture is optional.

Here are the pros and cons:

Unsealed (Recommended)

Pros: No maintenance required, your furniture will weather over time and develop its own patina and character.

Cons: Easier to stain... BUT fresh stains are easily scrubbed off with Jif. We tried it.


Pros: As Onewood has a naturally neutral colour base, it can be stained to any colour you like to match your decor. It will also arrive looking more polished.

Cons: Uneven weathering will be obvious, depending on your outdoor exposure. Refinishing will require professional assistance, unless you have the necessary machines.

Day to Day Care

Maintenance for your Onewood product depends on whether you get it sealed.


No maintenance required, enjoy the natural patina that develops over time! If stains bother you, use protective tableware or scrub promptly after use.


Use protective tableware and avoid abrasive or acidic surface cleaning.

Interval Maintenance & Repairs

Onewood furniture does not require maintenance for structural durability.

However, you may wish to restore the original surface or remove environmental weathering or user damage to your furniture.

To do so, simply sand down your table surface fully, and apply a new sealant coat (optional). Onewood is relatively harder than natural wood, and will require machine sanding for best results.

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