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Full Maintenance Set

Full Maintenance Set

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**Please note that the Full Maintenance Set will be restocked in May 2023. Any orders made now will be fulfilled in May 2023, thank you.**

The Full Maintenance Set is everything you need to keep your solid wood table tip-top: both every day and at intervals! By using this set of maintenance materials created by the same brand that created your table’s finish, you lower the chance of adverse chemical interactions, compared to using a 3rd-party brand.

Daily Dusting:
To remove dust, wipe with a soft, dry/ slightly damp cloth. No surface cleaner needed.

After Use:
Wipe up any spills with a damp cloth first. Apply Surface Spray to the whole table surface and wipe off again with a clean, damp cloth. Allow table to dry fully before placing any table coverings.

To Refill:
Always make sure you have surface cleaner on hand! The Soap Concentrate dilutes at 1:100, approximately 1/2 cap is sufficient per spray bottle.

Interval Maintenance:
Regular oiling of your table will keep the protection on your solid wood table current, minimising chance of damage by accidental spills. We recommend using the Universal Maintenance Oil on your table once a year. Don’t forget to remove thoroughly after use! (Watch an application video here.)

DIY Quick Repair:
Patch up deep scratches on your table with a spot application of Pure Oil. It won’t remove the scratch, but it will seal the wood that was exposed by the scratch, to protect it.

This Full Maintenance Set includes:

  1. Soap Concentrate

  2. Surface Spray

  3. Repair Oil (Uncoloured)

  4. Oil Applicator Sponge & Cloth

  5. Soft Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Random Colour)

  6. Maintenance Oil

Solid Wood Care

When cared for properly, solid wood is extremely durable and sustainable.

Clean promptly after use, do not allow spills and stains to dry on the table.

A top up application of oil is recommended to restore the protective layer on the wood and minimise any damage from accidents.

More serious user damage can be repaired with various methods. Please contact us for advice.

Delivery & Installation

Complimentary delivery is included on orders above $800 and is conducted on working weekdays between 9am to 6pm.

We recommend bundling cleaning and maintenance products with your table purchase to enjoy free shipping.

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