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The Table Guy is a Singaporean furniture startup helping you create statement spaces.

W H A T W E D O :

  • Source, curate and finish unique wood slabs for tables and other furniture

  • Radical furniture customisation

  • Design and build, custom solid wood carpentry

  • Residential furnishing

  • Corporate conference tables

  • Statement tables for F&B establishments

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Not available for online retail.
Please visit the showroom to select your personal piece. Showroom hours are Weekends/PH 12-5pm, or click here to make an appointment.

The table guy x corporate

Great work has the potential to do more than raise profits and win awards, great work changes the world.

Create inspiring spaces with The Table Guy - with our in-house design team, whether you’re an interior designer, a new chef-owner, or the chief executive of a Fortune 500 fintech company, we’ve got you covered. Share your vision and goals with us, and we’ll help you build the place where you’ll change the world.


Furniture doesn’t make memories, people do.

With just over 2 years of support from the community, it has been our honour to help create over a thousand sanctuaries, housing countless beautiful memories. A Table Guy table is designed not only for you, it’s designed for real life. You never have to tip toe around a Table Guy table.

With the launch of our design and build, carpentry arm in 2019, we now offer an even wider range of custom furniture possibilities to our community.