Prevention is better than cure

Granite Care

Daily Use

Granite is incredibly hard, which makes it extremely scratch and heat resistant. That is why it is used most commonly on countertops and building facades.

However, like all natural stone, it is porous. Your granite table has a dual combination of nano-coating applied to the material, PLUS an additional surface sealant just prior to delivery, to give you that stain resistance you'll need for daily life.

We recommend taking active preventive care for daily use, to keep your granite surface looking perfect for longer.

Use coasters, trivets, placemats and tablecloths to dress up your table and ward off unnecessary headaches.

Day-to-Day Care

None of that icky, plasticky coating for us suffocating the natural stone cold texture of our granite - the dual combination of nano-coating within the material and surface sealant on your granite table allows you to enjoy that precious stone cold texture and greater stain resistance at the same time.

Simply wipe up promptly after use, with a soft cloth and mild surface cleaner.

Avoid abrasives (like jif) and acidic cleaners that have citrus elements, as these will damage the sealant coat on your table surface.

Interval Maintenance

All things wear out in time, and the sealant on your table surface will wear out too.

To prevent unsightly stains, remember to reseal your table every 4-5 years (depending on rate of usage). If water is starting to leave spots on your granite table, it's time.

When it's time for resealing, simply visit your nearest DIY/ online store and pickup a good quality granite sealant. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, and always test new products on an inconspicuous corner of your table before committing.

For tips on DIY resealing for your granite table top, click here.

Repairs and Repurposing

NGL, we keep it real here always: granite is not great for those of us who intend to repair and repurpose for long term use.

Like all stone materials, once installed, it's incredibly difficult to transport and work with without damaging again.

So we strongly recommend going for granite only if you're a naturally careful person, because prevention is definitely the recommended path here.

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