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Professional Resurfacing Service (Wood)

Professional Resurfacing Service (Wood)

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Save time and energy with our professional resurfacing service! Get a full restoration of your table surface including sanding and oil-sealing.

Price includes all tax, labour, and materials required.

There are two types of resurfacing available:

Spot Resurface

This service is only available for slabs purchased from The Table Guy. 

A spot session is much faster than a full resurfacing session and is good for a quick fix at a lower cost. However, the resurfaced spot is likely to be slightly patchy when viewed at certain angles, as it is not possible to blend 100% into the previous finish. 

Full Resurface

This service is available at different rates for slabs purchased from The Table Guy and third party vendors. This will require two sessions (included in price listed):

Session (1): To sand off the existing finish and apply any cosmetic wood fillers. The session will end with the application of the first oil coat. Approximate time required: 3-5 hours depending on size of table.

Session (2): To buff on the top coat of oil. Approximate time required: 15-20minutes.

General Notes:

  1. This service is conducted on-site.

  2. The sanding system we use has a vacuum that minimises sawdust, but any individuals with dust sensitivities are advised to steer clear of the work area, and any nearby fabric should be covered with a dust cloth.

  3. There is a strict no-touch period for 24 hours after each session, as the oil needs time to dry. Thereafter, the table may be used gently with maximum protection for 7 days, until the oil hardens fully.

  4. This service is not suitable for major repairs (e.g., splits that require structural repair). For repairs, please contact our support team for a custom quote and advice. 

  5. This service does not include the use of fillers as they require time to dry and cannot be conducted on-site. Should you require crevices and gaps to be filled, please contact our support team for a custom quote and advice

Solid Wood Care

When cared for properly, solid wood is extremely durable and sustainable.

Clean promptly after use, do not allow spills and stains to dry on the table.

A top up application of oil is recommended to restore the protective layer on the wood and minimise any damage from accidents.

More serious user damage can be repaired with various methods. Please contact us for advice.

Delivery & Installation

Complimentary delivery is included on orders above $800 and is conducted on working weekdays between 9am to 6pm.

We recommend bundling cleaning and maintenance products with your table purchase to enjoy free shipping.

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Got a question we haven't answered? Please contact us at +65 8499 8989 for advice.

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