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Steel Cable Box

Steel Cable Box

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Our Steel Cable Management Box was designed specifically to allow maximum flexibility with minimum hardware.

Height: 110mm x Depth: 110mm
Length: 600mm
Finish: Powder-Coated Mild Steel in Textured Black

Sized perfectly to house an extension cord and your electronics plugged in, the Steel Cable Box is an elegant and sturdy solution for maintaining a clean work space.

With a deliberate drop gap created by the hanging brackets, cable access doesn’t require drilling a grommet into the surface of your solid wood slab, allowing you to reuse/ repurpose the material in the future.

The Steel Cable Box can be purchased separately and attached to any solid wood surface. Attachment screws included.

*Note: The Steel Cable Box currently does not fit larger chargers such as the 96W Macbook Charger. The smaller Macbook chargers for Macbook Pro and Air will fit.*

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