Nearly Indestructible... nearly.

Dekton/ Silestone Care

What's the difference?

Dekton and Silestone by Cosentino are among the top-tier of manufactured surfaces, renown for their incredible durability and hardiness which makes them the perfect choice for a dining table that's going to be well-loved.

Dekton is a blended mixture of porcelain, glass and quartz, formed by compression under high heat and pressure.

Silestone, on the other hand is 94% quartz, bonded with resins and other adhesives.

Traditionally used as kitchen worktops, both materials offer remarkable stain, heat and scratch resistance, which is makes it the perfect material for a hardworking dining table!

Day-to-Day Care

Both Dekton and Silestone are incredibly stain, heat and scratch resistant.

Simply use a coaster for hot pans/ pots, clean up promptly after meals, and avoid using abrasive or acidic surface cleaners.

Interval Maintenance

Dekton and Silestone do not need to be sealed, so there is no maintenance required.

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