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The Atlas Shelf - No-Tools Required

Floating Shelf

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Floating Shelf


Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the look and functionality that you want!

The Atlas Shelf is designed as a built-in carpentry alternative, with its easily adjustable shelves built in solid wood and steel for longevity. It is suitable for all sorts of walls as the support structure relies on the floor for loading rather than the wall.

Floating Shelves deliver a specific aesthetic to your space, and are not removable so they will have stay in your space, if/ when you decide to change location. This is only suitable for installation on concrete walls.

Floating shelves absolutely require concrete walls, while the Atlas Shelf can be installed on other types of walls with the necessary reinforcements.

Solid wood is generally suited to dry, indoor areas. We do not recommend them for use in the kitchen / bathroom/ outdoors, although some people still do so.

We recommend distributing the weight load as evenly as possible, for both types of shelves.

The Atlas Shelf generally has a higher load capacity as it is supported by the floor - we have tested up to 80kgs on each shelf without observing any flex.

Floating shelves on the other hand, rely wholly on the wall for support and will have a lower load capacity per shelf. Please let us know the use requirements of your shelf so that we can advise the correct amount of support needed.

Yes, our prices include basic delivery and installation.

However, for floating shelves, our quote includes only two support points. Should you wish to use the shelf for higher loads, additional support points may be required at additional $50/ point (including hardware).

As we do not typically spill anything on our shelves, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth or duster will suffice to keep things clean.

Do note that if you intend to place a flowerpot on your shelf, the soil may stain the wood, which will then require special cleaning solvents. We recommend ensuring that your pots are paired with proper dishes to prevent staining.

Whether you need a customisation quote or any further advice, please contact us at +65 8499 8989. We rely to messages between 9am to 6pm daily, and will get back to you as soon as possible.