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Indian Granite - Amazonia (CAT 3)

Indian Granite - Amazonia (CAT 3)

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Formed from cooled magma from the Earth's core, granite is prized for its crystalline appearance with variations in colour composition depending on its specific mineral composition. Second only to diamond in hardness, granite is the preferred material for those of us looking for a heat and scratch resistant surface for daily use.

The Amazonia is like a gem mine - with rich jewel tones veined across the slab, we love the riot of colours here that make a luxe addition to any well-styled space. Strong in colour and texture, the Amazonia is perfect for making stand out pieces intended to spark conversations and inspire envy.

Granite tables are made to measure, please contact us for a quote for your project. Prices quoted typically include delivery (to street/ lift level), installation and GST, unless stated otherwise. 

Indicative prices for a 1.6m x 0.85m Table start from:
CAT 1: $2,303
CAT 2: $2,449
CAT 3: $2,597

Product Details:
Thickness: 20mm
Source: India
Typical Applications: Tables, Countertops
Characteristics: Mixed black and white base, with veins of royal gold and rust red. 

Leg Frames:
The indicative price listed includes 2-piece stock metal legs for a 1.6m x 0.85m Table, street/lift level delivery, installation and GST. Upgrade and bespoke design options are available, please enquire for more advice. 

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