Durable is Sustainable
Furniture for the 21st Century

Our Sustainability Journey

Did you know: Singapore's only landfill is expected to reach capacity by 2035? That means newborn babies now, will live in a reality where Singapore no longer has any landfill space at all, by the time they hit their teens! Furniture, in all its bulky glory, is a huge occupier of landfills, and that's just the start of our sustainability problem.

Read on to find out how your purchase supports sustainable consumption practices:

Sustainably sourced

All the wood we work with is sourced from regulated forestry practices, verified by the globally-recognised green certifications (FSC, SVLK) awarded to our suppliers. We check to ensure that our suppliers' green certifications are up to date and current in validity.

Reused Packaging

We strive to make our packaging as efficient as possible. Where possible, our white glove delivery service allows us to reclaim any reusable packaging for our next delivery. We do not package small items unnecessarily.


Our delivery routes are planned to maximise efficiency, which not only minimises the pollution from traversing our island back and forth, it also helps us minimise costs for you due to inefficient fuel consumption.

Minimal Paper

We minimise our use of paper. All invoices and receipts are issued via e-mail, and product drawings are issued in PDF via electronic channels.


At large volumes, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) react with gases in the air resulting in smog and acid rain. At smaller volumes, they impact the air we breathe and affect our daily health. Our wood products use a VOC-free hardwax oil finish by default, to minimise our impact on the environment and your health. Bonus: it's really easy to maintain.

Built for Generations

Using durable materials that can be adapted over time reduces the consumption of fresh resources. Our furniture is designed to be adaptable from one generation to the next, and hardy enough to pass across homes when you've outgrown yours.

Join our Journey

We're just getting started! As a small company with huge resource constraints, developing sustainable practices and processes is always a work in progress. We're always glad for a helping hand - if you know someone or have some resources you'd like to recommend to us, feel free to contact us!

Here's what we're focusing on these days:

Fully Reusable Packaging

We're working to take our packaging one step further, to make it fully reusable over several items so it has a longer lifespan!

Main challenge: Our items are generally heavy and odd-shaped, so we're working on finding packaging material and methods that's both adaptable to the varied shapes and sizes, while durable enough to be reused reliably.

Circular Economy

We're working to create not just products that are durable and adaptable, but also the system that needs to go with that so that our clients are empowered to actually make those sustainable choices to extend their product lifetimes!

After all, what use is it if your solid wood slab table can be resurfaced for a new lease on life, but you can't get anyone to work on it?