Small Batch & Prototyping

There's no better test for that amazing idea you've got than out in the wild!

With our small batch manufacturing and prototyping service, The Table Guy is proud to support product designers and small businesses bringing new products to market.

Whether you've got a tried and tested formula that just needs excellent execution, or you've got a new idea that needs some workshopping and development, our product team is here for you.

Rates are customised based on the specifics of your order.

Read below to see how we can support you.

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Create, Test, Repeat

Got an idea in your mind but not sure how it'll work out in the real world?

The Table Guy is here to help! Supercharge your product development with the support of our product team - with our network of material specialists, get the advice you need to move your idea forward, build it and test it.

Prototyping charges are quoted based on the complexity and specifics of your project.

Small batch manufacturing
Limited Edition

Not sure how your product will perform in the wild, or looking to create a limited run for exclusivity?

Our small batch manufacturing service harnesses the power and economic benefits of regional production, elevated by local quality control standards to deliver the best of all worlds to you.

We manage your project for you from desktop to door, so all you have to do is confirm the details and we'll handle the rest! To get started, send us an enquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although lead times vary by complexity and size of your project, most projects require 10-12 Weeks to execute and deliver, from date of design confirmation.

To get started, send us your enquiry with as much detail about your project as possible. We will require any drawings you may have, quantity required, and any additional details you may wish to share about your project.

If you have a specific budget in mind, please share it with us upfront so we can let you know if it will be possible to execute your project within the budget.

On receiving your enquiry, our product team will review the details provided, and we will contact you within 24 hours to begin more detailed discussions.

Generally - furniture and home decor items.

We generally work with solid wood and metal, with stone, glass and plywood options possible as well.

It depends on the specifics of your project, including the item size and materials to be used.

Generally, larger items can be manufactured with a minimum of 5 pieces, whereas smaller items usually require a minimum quantity of 10 - 15 pieces.

There are economies to making larger batches, so depending on the details of your product, manufacturing in higher quantities is likely to bring your per unit cost down.

We take 50% deposit to start making, and 50% payment of balance prior to delivery. Delivery is scheduled within 7 days of receiving the balance payment.

You are welcome to visit our factory to review the quality of the items and request any corrections prior to making the balance payment.

In a way, yes.

For prototyping and small batch manufacturing, we typically review your project only in terms of execution viability. If we observe issues that may arise during the construction process, we will alert you to them so that you can make an informed decision on how/ whether to proceed. However, we do not provide stylistic or concept-related advice, as this is a production service.

If you are looking for a custom product design proposal based on your user requirements, please check out our bespoke service instead.

As businesses, we all have to weigh costs versus product. During your consultation process, we will offer you several options based on our understanding of your user requirements, so you can make an informed choice on where and how you invest your budget.

Once we have reached a mutual understanding of the quality expectations, your project will go into production.

Depending on the specifics of your project, and different milestones our team will reach out to you with opportunities to check on the quality of the execution along the way, so you can voice any concerns early, with minimal impact to your timeline.

It depends on the specifics of your project, there is no blanket warranty or support service package that covers all project types.

That said, we view all our corporate clients as partners, and we are here to support you beyond delivery day.

The Table Guy Clients enjoy ad-hoc repair, restoration and other support services at preferential rates. If you would like us to customise a support service package for you please let us know!

Got a question we haven't answered? Drop us a text at +65 8499 8989 and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!