Professional Resurfacing Service (Wood)

Professional Resurfacing Service (Wood)

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  • This service is conducted on-site.

This service is only available for slab tables by The Table Guy, and will apply to the top surface and sides of the table top only.

Save time and energy with our professional resurfacing service! Get a full restoration of your table surface including sanding, cosmetic refilling, and oil-sealing. Perfect for anyone looking to get a new table again - remove all the dings and damages from the years gone by, and get your table looking like the first day it arrived again!

Price includes all tax, labour, and materials required.

This service requires 2 sessions:

Session (1): To sand off the existing finish and apply any cosmetic wood fillers. The session will end with the application of the first oil coat. Approximate time required: 3-5 hours depending on size of table.

Session (2): To buff on the top coat of oil. Approximate time required: 15-20minutes.


  1. This service is conducted on-site.

  2. The sanding system we use has a vacuum that minimises sawdust, but any individuals with dust sensitivities are advised to steer clear of the work area, and any nearby fabric should be covered with a dust cloth.

  3. There is a strict no-touch period for 24 hours after each session, as the oil needs time to dry. Thereafter, the table may be used gently with maximum protection for 7 days, until the oil hardens fully.

  4. This service is not suitable for major repairs (e.g., splits that require structural repair). For repairs, please contact our support team for a custom quote and advice. 

  5. Spot resurfacing is available if you simply want to remove specific sections of damage, but will result in a slightly patchy finish as the spot will not blend 100% into the rest of the surface.

  6. This service does not use resins for fillers. Should you wish to use resin fills, please contact our support team for a custom quote and advice. 

Although you can choose to DIY the maintenance on your table, you may wish to engage our professional service if the following concerns apply to you:

1. Your table is larger than 2.2m x 0.8m.
With larger sizes, DIY maintenance by hand becomes physically more taxing,unless you have the appropriate equipment.

2. You have no experience with wood maintenance and are worried about damaging the table with DIY.
Our team is experienced in maintaining all the types of wood that we deliver, and can execute the maintenance service faster with our equipment. We are also happy to demonstrate how you can DIY your own maintenance in the future, if you would like to learn for future application.

Our support services are only available for solid wood products purchased from us, as we know the manufacturing quality that goes into each piece we sell and how to handle the material correctly.

If you purchased a Table Guy table second hand, we are happy to provide you with the support service! As we will not have your purchase records, please provide us with the name of the original owner who purchased from us so that we can verify.

Text us at +65 8499 8989! We reply to messages between 9am to 6pm daily, and will get back to you as soon as we can.