Brand Collaborations
We believe that we're all stronger together! We're always on the lookout for fellow brands with different specialisations to create new products with. Read below for the FAQs.


We keep it pretty flexible, as long as there's mutual value in the collaboration, so go ahead to send us any ideas you might want to explore!

Our favourite collaborations have been new products, that were made possible by the specific synergies of both brands.

For example, the Slab Sofa by Blafink offers clients the best of both worlds: our renown curated slab collection, paired with Blafink's sofa creation and upholstery expertise.

The Kizuna Table has also been a great hit, an iconic showcase of both brands' commitment to sustainable practices that clients can discover and bring home to enjoy.

We are looking for industry partners that we can create new offerings with, that will generate more business for both our brands.

Any products or marketing activities created in collaboration will be co-branded, and will require mutual marketing commitments.

All payouts and/or associated marketing reports will be discussed and agreed upon when finalising the details of the collaboration.

We do not have a fixed collaboration model, and are flexible to negotiate based on the details of your idea. To start a conversation, please email us.

We are excited to work with both individuals and companies, as long as we are mutually aligned on ethos and objectives.

Here are our key principles:

Sustainable Business Practices
As a business, it is our intention to make sustainable product options available to our cliens. Of course, there are many ways to practice sustainability, and we are always open to learning new ways.

For us, sustainability is durability. Products that are designed to have a long lifespan ultimately deliver greater lifetime value, reduce consumption of new resources, lower waste and landfill use.

Durability for us, in addition to structural integrity, means our materials can be restored or adapted, when the original use is no longer relevant to the user's lifestyle. This is why we choose to work with strong materials like solid wood, granite and metal.

Genuine Customer Service
To us, authentic customer service is about providing honest advice and guidance that is in the interest of the client. We believe in the value of our product and that it serves the needs of many people, but it cannot possibly fit the lifestyle of every person on earth. We are committed to sharing our honest advice based on real, personal experience (not just something taught off a script), on whether our products are a good fit for the individual client.

Respectful Business Partnerships
We do not exploit our suppliers and partners. We pay fair value for the standards we require, and we invest in our suppliers to upskill their capabilities accordingly. We believe that good business can and should uplift communities; that transactions are not a zero-sum game, that all parties can benefit and grow together.

Are we on the same page? Let's connect!