Solid Wood Desks - Jointed

Solid Wood Desks - Jointed

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Walnut FAQ 

Where does it come from? 

North America. The harvested wood is then processed in China, by our FSC-certified supplier.  

What is it, actually? 

There are many species of Walnut in the world, the kind that we use for our slab tables and other furniture isn’t the one that’s popular for eating though! For more science, read here.  

Why choose Walnut? 

Subtle and Sexy 
If these two words appeal to you, consider choosing Walnut.  
Due to its near-black colour tone, Walnut is actually an amazingly neutral slab choice that can fit seamlessly into almost any style of interior décor. On close inspection, however, Walnuts have some of the most interesting and varied grain characteristics that set them apart not only from other types of wood but even from each other. Walnuts are a great choice for anyone who likes the idea of having a relatively clean lines in your interior décor, and doesn’t want to compromise on that truly unique solid wood slab factor.  
Primary characteristics: (i) relatively regular edges; (ii) relatively slim profile (4cm thickness); fascinating grain patterns; (iv) colour ranges from roasted-caramel brown to deep dark chocolate.  

Special Notes: 

Walnut is a slow-growing species of wood and is often harvested at a point where it is not yet wide enough to serve the function of a study table. The pieces listed here are jointed and straight-edged. This allows us to offer you a high-quality product with all the remarkable grain characteristics of walnut, while significantly managing costs and keeping it affordable.

Is it sustainable? 

Currently, yes. However, it is a slow-growing type of tree and logging is therefore very carefully regulated. While we do not currently control the entire supply chain, The Table Guy only sources our walnuts from our FSC-certified supplier to ensure that the part of the supply chain we cannot control adheres to internationally-recognized regulations. Read more about FSC-certification here.  

How is it processed? 

Black walnut timber is currently harvested in North America, and transported to China where it is sawn and kiln-dried.

What finishing do you use? 

This specific category of walnut was ordered finished prior to shipping. The type of finish used several coats of sprayed-on clear polyurethane.