3 Ways You Can Shop for Environmentally-Friendly Furniture:

Leading an environmentally-responsible lifestyle can feel daunting and impossible, especially when we live in a society that’s still addicted to single-use plastics. Still, every action counts and we’ve got the perfect place for you to start: your furniture.

Making environmentally-responsible furniture choices is comparatively easier because you only need to make these decisions once (or at least, at very infrequent intervals). In this article, we’ve compiled 3 ways you can make environmentally-responsible decisions when furniture-shopping:


C O N S C I O U S . C O N S U M P T I O N

The quickest way to reduce waste is to make consumption decisions with the long-term in mind. Too often, our purchase decisions are emotional and impulsive, leading us to dissatisfaction, buyer’s remorse, and ultimately, another shopping trip.

Here at The Table Guy, we’re advocates of the slow purchase.
Do the research (we’ve got a ton of great articles to check out!), interact with the products personally, and take your time to mull it over with our 24-hour payment time. When we give ourselves space, we make better decisions that are more aligned to what we really want.

Pro-tip: Choose customised. The act of customising furniture to your space is necessarily a thoughtful act of conscious consumption. While typically more expensive than off-the-rack purchases, most clients who have opted for bespoke options feel that the monetary expenditure is worth the added enjoyment from a well-designed and utilised space.


G R E E N . L A B E L S

All living things must consume resources to survive. The trick is to consume responsibly, respectfully and sustainably. One of the easiest ways for end-consumers to identify companies that actively choose supply-chain and production methods that minimise our impact on the environment, is to ask about the green certifications of their products.

Here at The Table Guy, we work exclusively with timber suppliers that have green certifications.
Wood is one of the most popular materials to use in furniture, but illegal logging and deforestation especially in less-regulated markets remain a problem. To assure our clients that they aren’t unwittingly participating in resource-rape (Too strong? True, though.), we only acquire timber from suppliers with green certifications.

Pro-tip: Did you know you can use Singapore wood both in table construction and carpentry? Singaporean wood is the ultimate in sustainable consumption - because we do not farm timber for harvest, the only Singaporean timber we get is salvaged from trees that were logged when land was cleared for development of our city. The logs are processed in Vietnam and returned to Singapore for finishing, which means they generally have a smaller carbon footprint than timber from China or America.


G O . N A T U R A L

We’re shooting ourselves a little in the foot here because honestly, we like experimenting and working with all types of materials. But we know, if you want to make a truly environmentally-friendly choice, going natural is one of the best ways to do it. By opting for naturally-available materials like wood or stone, we minimise the amount of energy required to transform them into usable furniture by eliminating the fabrication process that is involved in creating synthetic materials. Natural materials are also often restorable, which means a greater overall longevity of the product. And at the end of the day when it’s time to retire your furniture, natural materials decay and return to the earth to complete the cycle of use.

Here at The Table Guy, we specialise in the use of solid wood for furniture-making and carpentry.
Solid wood, when sourced sustainably, is a fantastic material that offers both natural beauty and intrinsic hardiness that allows you to enjoy your furniture and build memories over a longer term.

Pro-tip: For the ultimate in environmental-friendliness and hardiness, consider using reclaimed wood. Toughened by a lifetime of alternative use, reclaimed wood is intrinsically hardier than other natural materials and make exceptionally good outdoor furniture.

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Samantha Zhuang