Bespoke Solid Wood Carpentry & Design

In 2019, we have officially expanded our offering to the community with the launch of our bespoke solid wood carpentry and design service.

Adding on to the existing radical customisation service already offered on our stock products, The Table Guy solid wood carpentry service fills a gap in the current carpentry scene with higher-quality furniture solutions designed around clients’ specific lifestyle preferences and unique spaces.

Anchored on the principles of good design, The Table Guy carpentry and bespoke design service extends beyond solid wood, working closely with local niche craftsmen to offer solutions that incorporate materials such as metal, concrete and glass. This affords clients a wider realm of furnishing possibilities for their spaces, creating truly one-of-a-kind and modern products.

In a world where environmental-responsibility is no longer a trend but a necessary way of life, The Table Guy is committed to making products that are timeless, effective and durable. We believe that conscious consumption is the solution to reducing waste, and purposefully-created products will lead the way in restoring our world.