Solid Wood Dining - Singapore Suar

Solid Wood Dining - Singapore Suar

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Singapore Suar FAQ 

Where does it come from?  

Singapore! These are the trees from jungles and other parts of Singapore that are sometimes cleared for land development projects.  

What is it, actually?  

Suar is the Southeast Asian name for the Rain Tree, which is ubiquitous in our tropical jungle climate. To read more science, click here.   

Why choose Singaporean Suar (instead of Indonesian?) 

Sleek and Dramatic 
If these two words appeal to you, consider choosing Singaporean Suar.   
Although Singaporean Suar is the same species as Indonesian Suar, environmental factors have led to quite a distinction in aesthetic between the two. Singaporean Suar is more readily available in dramatic live-edge forms, easily making for quite a statement piece in your space. Its grain is slightly closer-set than its Indonesian brother’s, and tends to exhibit a higher concentration of natural artefacts such as knots and deviated lines on any one board face.  
Primary characteristics: (i) relatively dramatic live-edges; (ii) slim: average thickness at about 4cm; (iii) finishes to a golden-brown tone. 

Special Notes: 

Singaporean Suar is often harvested at a point where it is slightly narrower than its Indonesian brothers. The average width of a Singaporean Suar board is between 70-80cm, which, interestingly enough, makes it just the right width of many compact Singaporean homes. There are slabs which are wider than 80cm, but these are relatively rare so if you see one in our showroom, do make a quick decision so you don’t miss out! 

Is it sustainable?  

Currently, yes. The species is intrinsically hardy and fast-growing, leading it to be more likely to tend to the invasive end of the spectrum rather than the extinction-prone end. It is currently abundant in jungles around the world. Our Singaporean timber supplier is Green Label certified. Learn more about Green Label certification here.  

How is it processed?  

Singaporean Suar is harvested in Singapore from trees that were cleared for land development, and the logs that are large enough for dining table use are sawn and kiln-dried in Vietnam.  

What finishing do you use?  

Singaporean Suar is currently finished with multiple coats of polyurethane for maximum protection.