Refunds and Returns

In summary: We want you to shop with peace of mind, while managing our administrative costs so we can keep your price tag as low as possible.

Learn more below:

A lot of price-tag management here comes from streamlining our back-end processes (transport / administrative costs). This means that our approach is to provide a minimum viable warranty that fits 95% of our clients by default, and allow the flexibility to purchase an enhanced warranty for clients who need more assurance. This ensures that all of us only pay for what we need.

What we do offer:

Manufacturing and Installation Defects

  1. By default: a 6-calendar month warranty that covers manufacturing and installation defects such as cracks. The warranty starts from the date of delivery, so if you notice something wrong, please let us know early! Based on our assessment of the issue and our discussions, we will offer either (i) a refund; (ii) an exchange; or (iii) a repair.

  2. By purchase: an enhanced 10-year warranty on manufacturing and installation defects such as cracks. This can be purchased after your order has been confirmed, but must be purchased prior to delivery, as the warranty starts from the date of delivery.
    The 10-year warranty is chargeable at 10% of the sticker price (not the discounted price, if any) of the item that you want to get insured. This allows you (i) the flexibility to insure only the products you’re more concerned about instead of paying for the whole invoice; and (ii) the flexibility to insure smaller products at lower prices. To purchase, please contact your salesperson directly.

Cosmetic Assurance

  1. By default: a 24-hour free-look period (not applicable for custom-commisioned projects). We understand that sometimes your order arrives and it looks different in the light in your home or with your other items. No worries! Let us know you want a refund/ exchange within 24 hours of receiving your item and we’ll process it for you less the restocking fee.
    What is this “restocking fee”? This covers mainly transport and warehousing of the product that you want to return. These are the numbers to know:
    (i) Default restocking fee: SG$170 per trip (includes pickup of your item on weekdays between 9am to 5pm).

    (ii) Weekend/ Public Holiday pickup option: +SG$70

    (iii) Cosmetic work: starts from +$50 and will be quoted by discussion based on the specifics of what you want done.

    (iv) We do not accept returns by personal transport options because we would like to avoid user-damage disputes.


  1. We do not offer returns/ refunds/ exchanges for user damage such as burns, dents, stains, and scratches.

  2. Please ensure that someone you trust is present to receive delivery and check the items you receive. Any observed damages that can be construed as user damage (see (1)) must be reported within 12 hours of receipt of avoid dispute. Reporting of user damage observed after 12 hours is not eligible for warranty application

  3. If we do not receive any communications on the item within 12 hours of delivery, we will assume the item was received in good order.

  4. Please note that for accounting reasons, we are unable to honour warranties without your invoice number. Warranties are also non-transferable unless you engage our in-house installer to conduct the transport and re-installation of the table. This is to avoid installation defect disputes.

  5. Our cosmetic assurance policy does not apply to custom-commissioned projects as these items are fabricated to specific order.

Need help with getting a refund/ exchange? Drop us a mail with your invoice number and name and we’ll get back to you in 12 hours.