Table Top Restoration

Following years of research and development, The Table Guy is now happy to officially offer ad-hoc wood table top restoration services for solid wood slabs. This applies to the surface and sides of any solid wood slab - for enquiries please speak to us here with information on the table that you wish to restore. Pictures are usually most helpful, followed by the dimensions of your table top.


The Process

The process starts with a conversation on what your table needs. Then we set a date and time to do the restoration. Expect to cater at least 3 hours of your day. By the end of the day your table top should be looking as good as new!


The Equipment

We use a vacuum-system portable random orbital sander, which allows us to strip the original finishing of your wood table top in the comfort of your own home. Expect minimal dust and the volume of sound is akin to a loud vacuum.


The Finishing

Depending on your requirements, we are happy to offer clients 2 finishing options. The first is a surface layer of polyurethane, while the second option is a food-safe VOC-free finishing that binds with the wood fibres directly.