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Teak 0341 L2000 W760-800mm

Teak 0341 L2000 W760-800mm

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L2000 W760-800mm

Renown for its durability and intrinsic wear-resistant properties, the golden hue of Teak has been a classic mainstay of various interior styles, and looks set to get even more popular this year as interior trends lean towards earthy, neutral palettes.

The bookmatch on this piece serves up some seriously pleasing symmetry to the eye, allowing us to enjoy that sense of balance. We also love the relatively narrow size here, making it perfect for a dining table behind your sofa, not taking up too much width yet with enough space to accommodate diners across each other. (P.S., this also makes hotpot night that much easier, no more standing up to reach the pot!)

Slab type: Bookmatched
Crevices: Typical - Filled with Hazel Brown Resin

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