Suar 0457 L1950 W840-820-940

Suar 0457 L1950 W840-820-940

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L1950 W840-820-940

Suar is the quintessential tropical hardwood slab, used for generations in interiors of all styles. Popular across the globe for slab furniture, from Hawaii to South America and Southeast Asia, this iconic wood type grows quickly and as such is readily available in single slab format.

The all-natural curves on this slab soften the weight of this natural material, and the generous sapwood borders provide a golden glow that frames the deliciously dark heartwood of this piece perfectly. Clear resin fills preserve the crevices wonderfully, creating a great, usable piece without losing all the natural character.

Slab type: Single Slab
Crevices: Typical - Filled with Clear Resin

Please head over to our Leg Frame Catalog to make your selection.

We do not sell leg frames separately, only as add-ons to table slabs.

All our solid wood slabs can be customised to size and colour, and we can help repurpose any excess material to another piece of furniture (e.g. coffee table/ side tables) where applicable.

Only straight cuts are available.

Refresh this page to add customisation instructions to your order.

Fees: Delivery up to street/ lift landing levels and installation, is included for orders up above S$800.

Schedule: Complimentary deliveries are conducted on working weekdays, between 9am to 6pm, and will be scheduled based on an efficient route to minimise transport pollution.

You will be able to request a preferred delivery date/ timeslot at checkout. We will check if it is available and get back to you with confirmation after receiving your order.

Special Requirements: All specialised transport arrangements such as staircase carrying and furniture disposal will incur additional fees.

For complete details on our delivery policy, please read here.

Solid wood is an extremely durable material. With proper care, this slab will last you for generations. Here are some tips:

Environment: Store well in a cool, indoor environment. Keep out of direct sunlight and rain, and regulate humidity and temperature.

Use: Wipe spills promptly and lift items, do not drag.

Maintenance: Oil annually. We recommend using the Rubio Monocoat Maintenance Oil. Click here to shop our regular care kits.

The Table Guy Solid Wood Slabs are built for easy DIY care, and our team provides support services for clients. Click here to view our services.

All our solid wood slabs are covered by a 2-year warranty (from date of purchase), against manufacturing defects. This includes specification errors, as well as material defects such as insects and mould.

This warranty is valid for items used and stored in accordance with our care instructions. Use of your item outdoors and natural cosmetic changes in the material over time (that do not compromise its structural stability) is not covered.

For full details on our warranty, click here.

Got a question we haven't answered? Contact us at +65 8499 8989. We reply to messages between 9am to 6pm daily, and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Durable is sustainable

Why solid wood?

All our solid wood slabs are sourced from suppliers with globally-recognised green certifications (FSC, SVLK). With board thicknesses ranging from 40mm to 70mm, these slabs are built to last across generations.

Not only is wood durable, it is adaptable. Being able to rehome your furniture when you've outgrown it, or repurpose it to something new means less waste, less consumption and ultimately more savings!

Care & Maintenance
Lifetime support

Getting the most out of your furniture investment is easy, when you've got the right support.

The Table Guy provides care, maintenance and repurposing services exclusively for our products, so you can always make the sustainable choice!

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