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Solid Wood Slab - Teak Wood

Solid Wood Slab - Teak Wood

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Looking for classic with a twist? Teak slabs are perfect for you! 

Traditionally used as material for building furniture, you'd be forgiven for thinking Teak is "boring", although nothing could be further from the truth! 

That's why we love Teak in slab format - with larger boards available, you can now enjoy the true, natural character of this sturdy wood type. Without going too over the top, Teak expresses itself with subtle flair in its grain features, creating something that's classic... with an elegant twist.

Bonus: Teak is renown for its intrinsically oily properties, that make it more resistant to insect and water damage.

Shopping Notes:

Prices listed are indicative starting prices only (e.g., an 8-10 seater can be anywhere between 1.8m - 2.4m, which means prices between $2400 to $4500). Final prices are determined by the specific slab selected and customisation workmanship fees (if any). Please visit the showroom or Whatsapp us at +65 8499 8989 for more specific advice.

How to Purchase

The Table Guy wood slab collection is available for viewing and purchase from the showroom at 221 Henderson Road #01-06A. Walk-in hours are available daily (incl PH and Weekends) 1-6pm. Earlier timeslots are available by appointment.

We recommend starting your selection 3-4 months before your preferred date of delivery. This will give you ample time to make a considered decision.

Do bring your floor plan and preferred table dimensions (if you have them), for a more fruitful session. If your intended table is around 2.4m or larger, we recommend bringing in your lift dimensions as well so we can advise on accessibility.

Our sales adviser will be present to guide you through the selection process, and provide any explanations you may need to make an informed choice.

How to Customise

The Table Guy dining tables are fully customisable. Yes - that means leg frames too. Some customisations are complimentary, while more complex ones will attract workmanship fees.

Should you require customisation, we recommend making an enquiry via Whatsapp to our sales team at +65 8499 8989 with details on what you have in mind, so that you can get an indicative quote and advice to consider whether to proceed with your project.

Storage, Delivery, Installation

New purchases from The Table Guy are eligible for up to 4 months' complimentary storage from date of purchase. Extensions beyond 4 months are chargeable, and you will be quoted based on the overall duration requested and size of items to be stored.

Purchases of items in stock with no customisation required can be delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Customised orders are estimated to take between 6-8 weeks, as they will need to join a workshop queue.

Complimentary delivery is included for orders above $800.

All deliveries include installation, which is conducted on-site.
 Clients are responsible for ensuring safe access for both the items and workers. In the event of improper environment/ lack of access (eg ongoing renovation/ construction site/ unreachable contact person), the delivery may be cancelled and a redelivery fee will be charged.

Our logistics teams offer disposal services at additional fees, which are paid to disposal sites and for manpower. Should you require bulky furniture disposal, please place your order before scheduling your delivery date, so that the logistics team can cater the space required to transport your bulky waste.

Payment & Warranty

To purchase your dining table, payment is required in full. To help minimise transaction costs to you, our default payment mode is Paynow.

Should you require alternative methods such as BNPL platforms or credit cards, please let your sales adviser know so that they can apply the correct transaction fee which is charged by these platforms.

Should you wish to discuss instalment payment, we are happy to assist. For all in-house instalment plans, final balance payment is due prior to delivery scheduling, and any instalments overdue by more than 7 working days will void your purchase and forfeit your deposit.

All Table Guy solid wood slabs, unless stated explicitly, are covered by a 2 year manufacturing warranty, from date of delivery. 
This covers issues such as insects, mould and splits through the slab, which should not occur.

Real wood is an organic material, and cosmetic changes due to environment, time and use are expected. Damage due to improper use, storage and outdoor use is also excluded.

Tips on Saving $$

Hey, we get it - you might love solid wood and totally appreciate the costs that go into creating this product, but we all live with a budget, amirite?

Here are 3 ways you can save with The Table Guy:

(1) Look out for sales-

We recommend getting on our email list, following our Instagram account or our Carousell account to get notified when something new is happening. Items bought on sale are typically eligible for up to 3 months free storage.

(2) First timer? Get a referral -
Get a referral code from a friend to immediately receive a $50 coupon (min spend $1500)! Your friend will receive a $20 coupon too, on completion of your order. Note that your friend will need an account on our site in order to send you a referral code.

(3) Browse the Essentials Rack -

Slabs on the Essentials rack have all services pared back, so you only pay for what you need. Click here to learn more about Essentials Pricing.

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Learn More About Beli

A relatively new kid on the block, Beli hails from Africa and has been growing in popularity in recent years. Easily distinguished by its striking zebra stripes and stunning grain features, the relatively regular form of this hardwood makes it a practical yet bold statement in the heart of your home.

Drama Queen

Beli wood is not for the faint of heart.

While it usually exhibits an easy-to-match midtone brown, the hypnotic grain features of this hardwood are sure to catch and hold your attention. Look out for more mature pieces that sport a touch of blush, adding that splash of visual texture to an otherwise relatively uniform colour.

Big and Bold

Beli is typically available in more generous sizes, making it the popular choice for those of us looking to anchor an airy space.

Enjoy the flexibility of having more space - now you can achieve your table setting dreams, with enough space to hold your decor vision and delicious sharing plates for the family dinner.

Questions from over 2000 clients

Beli FAQ

How do you tell Beli and Suar apart?

It's tricky, but you'll get the hang of it after a while! While both hardwood species sport similar colour tones, Beli's zebra stripes are very distinctive - closer set together, with richer contrast and much straighter than Suar grain.

Is Beli the best wood type?

If you're asking about structural durability, for the purposes of a slab dining table, we would not say any wood type (in our collection) is better or worse since it isn't load bearing.

All these hardwood slabs are sure to last for decades, even generations when cared for correctly.

But aesthetically, they all differ so much. So the real question here is, do you love the look, size, shape and colour of Beli?

If the answer is yes, then yup! Beli is the best wood type for you.

Product Care

Made by a user, for users.

We're skeptical of manufacturers' claims too - this is why we personally tested a whole range of wood finishes, so you get the one that is not only great for protecting your table from daily use, it's also easy to maintain and allows you to enjoy more of the wood character for decades to come!

Learn more below.

Made for Real Life

The Table Guy solid wood slabs are finished with Rubio Monocoat - a Belgian hardwax oil technology that not only coats your wood slabs, but binds to the cellulose of the wood fibres for long-lasting protection.

Remarkably stain and heat resistant, now you can enjoy worry-free dining without interrupting a calm morning or family dinner by chasing after spills and lunging for coasters. Simply wipe up after meals (don't allow spills to dry on your table) and all will be well.

We've got a whole stress test series on Instagram, follow us there to check it out.

Easy Maintenance

The secret to sustainable furniture, is making it easy for you to maintain. Too much furniture ends up in landfills before their time, just because they look "worn out" or "damaged".

DIY your own repairs and maintenance with the VOC-free Rubio Monocoat system, right in the comfort of your own home. If you've got young children around, we recommend keeping a bottle of Rubio solvent on hand for the occasional colouring accident.

Not confident/ don't have time for the work? No worries - The Table Guy provides support services at reduced rates for our products!


Let's keep it real - wood slabs are a barely-renewable resource. For this reason, we actively encourage you to reuse and repurpose your Table Guy furniture wherever possible.

Simply store in a bright, shaded area indoors, and keep dry. Annual DIY oiling is recommended for high-traffic areas (prevention is better than cure!).

Restore your table surface to new if you need to rehome it one day, or transform it into a bench or shelf with our carpentry support. We're here to support your sustainability journey.

Ready to Visit?

Visit the showroom to view slabs and discuss customisation options with our sales advisers.

221 Henderson Road #01-06A

WA: +65 8499 8989

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