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Black Walnut 0690 L1800 W770-800-770mm

Black Walnut 0690 L1800 W770-800-770mm

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L1800 W770-800-770mm

Classic Walnut with its warm chocolate midtones is sure to fit into any contemporary interior aesthetic.

This tall dark and handsome piece sure makes a statement in your workspace! These warm chocolate tones and well-blended panels deliver functional practicality, and natural character in spades! We love this for a generous desk, or a slender dining table.

Using our 40mm thick boards for your desk not only delivers that inimitable sense of luxury and durability that will get you excited for work, it’s also the smart choice as it can be repurposed to other functions after it’s no longer needed as a desk! Making the sustainable choice has never been so easy.

Slab type: Multi Panel
Crevices: Typical - Filled Clear Resin

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