Launch: National Day Product 2019 (#1.)



Each year, Singapore celebrates National Day with a combination of reminiscing our heritage while restating our shared vision for the future. The Atas Workshop joins in the celebration this year with the launch of our inaugural National Day Product (#1), inspired by the concrete checkers tables that were once built into HDB void decks to encourage bonding and community amongst strangers with no other commonality than residential proximity.

Click here to learn more about the history of void decks in Singapore.


The #1 is hand-cut, built and finished out of panelled white oak.

In accordance with The Table Guy’s environmentally-conscious design principles, the proportions of the #1 are designed to utilise as much of one board of white oak with the least wastage. The #1 also employs the use of a single cross lap joint, which embodies the paradigm of good design - effective and minimal.

The raised cross at the top of table is retained as a subtle nod to the inspiration of the table, and can be levelled for practical purposes on request.

To view more design literature, click here.


The #1 will be available for public viewing and orders from 9 Aug 2019 to 6 Oct 2019 at The Table Guy Showroom.

The #1 comes in 2 sizes/prices:
700mm (diameter) x 450mm (height) - $700
1200mm (diameter) x 750mm (height) - $1500

The #1 is available in 2 finishes:
Traditional PU + Hardwax Oil (One colour only)
Food-safe Hardwax Oil (Colour options available)

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