founded The Table Guy and currently leads company business development.

Coming from a background of real estate investment and management, Darryl has always been fascinated by how our daily environments impact human lives and society. Drawing from almost a decade of working with spaces, Darryl believes that routine interaction with beautiful things inspires us to live better lives, empowering individuals to contribute more creatively and generously to our communities.

As an elder millenial, Darryl’s life experience straddles the old world before email existed and the new world where a business can be wholly run through a handphone. This experience is what drives him to continually seek modern and new ways to approach furniture production, while retaining an appreciation and understanding of the value of the “old ways”.

Fun facts: here is a list of things Darryl has sold professionally - computers, houses, used clothing, home maintenance services and popcorn.



was a tattoo artist in a previous life and currently applies her amazing capacity for focus to finishing your pieces.

She loves the meditative simplicity of working on straightforward pieces, and enjoys the thrill of putting together the “tricky ones”. If you’re lucky enough to drop by on a weekday, do poke your head in to the workshop to catch of glimpse of her transformative work!

Emma’s patience is unparalleled - give her any piece of solid wood however complex, and she’ll tease out the broken bits, thoroughly chisel at the loose pieces and elevate what’s left into something stronger.

Other fun facts: Emma raises hamsters, enjoys a can of coke on hot days and eats oats for lunch.



is a proud perfectionist with a tireless work ethic.

He’ll be there at 8am to see your order go out, and he’ll stay in till 9pm to make sure all your touch ups are done. He’ll move as many mountains as he can and divert as many rivers as possible to try to accommodate your preferred delivery dates and times (so believe him when he says he can’t!).

In another life, he could headline a Cirque act, juggling so many balls effortlessly while balancing on a unicycle.

He manages production artists, coordinates international suppliers in foreign languages, and assists clients with varying schedules and deadlines. He watches over timelines with a hawk eye and whips inventory into shape. He also leads in-house quality control, and no item leaves the warehouse without surpassing his stringent quality expectations.



is a tinkerer and creator.

Home-grown and local-trained, Darren is 100% #PassionMadePossible. He leads our product design unit in creating bespoke solutions for clients and developing new collections under Atas by The Table Guy.

Darren’s design ethos emphasises function with aesthetics. His inaugural collection for Atas will launch Q1 2020. In the meantime, #1., the inaugural National Day Product by The Atas Workshop launches on 9 Aug 2019 and is available for order till 6 Oct 2019.

Fun facts: Darren is happiest when he’s covered in sawdust. He also drinks kopi peng, and mixes some pretty good Old Fashioneds.



is the company saikang warrior.

A classic generalist, Samantha is always ready to jump in wherever needed. She can sand, pack orders, sell and sketch (badly). Most of the time though, she leads the company’s marketing and public relations efforts. In Samantha’s words, “the best product in the world can’t succeed if no one knows about it”.

Samantha is passionate about creating content that is thoughtful, content that empowers its viewers and builds a community of individuals that inspire each other. For media enquiries and collaborations, address your emails to her at

(Not so) Fun fact: Samantha likes to adopt plants but can’t keep them alive.



is more than just the delivery guy.

He’s a troubleshooter, problem-solver, and all round handy (literally) man. Here is a list of things he’s done for us: deliverandinstalltablesfixthelightscarpetthefloorsfixtheplumbinginstallelectriclocksrepaintthewallsputuppartitioninstallpullupbarinstallsink, etc. He’s talented, knowledgeable and experienced, but even more importantly, what makes Hayqal great is that he honestly just wants you to have a great experience.

Did you know: Hayqal runs his own handyman business and you can engage his services at 8239 6299 (but please leave us some of his time, thanks.)



is our resident ray of sunshine.

Do you remember the last time you couldn’t wait to go a store where the salespeople couldn’t be bothered if you got a great or shitty product? Us neither.

Having excelled in several sales roles, Vanessa believes strongly that good sales is about supporting clients in realising their actual needs and wants. Not sure what you’ve got in mind yet? No fear - Vanessa will guide you on this journey to acquiring the perfect statement piece that’ll spark joy every day.

Fun fact: Vanessa runs her own concrete mixing studio ThreeOddDucks, and has a knack for getting stuck in the strangest places (like that space between two glass doors in the shopping mall).