Solid Wood Desks - Singapore Mahogany

Solid Wood Desks - Singapore Mahogany

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Singapore Mahogany FAQ 

Where does it come from?  

Singapore! These are the trees from jungles and other parts of Singapore that are sometimes cleared for land development projects.  

What is it, actually?  

African Mahogany also known as Khaya Nyasica is native to the African continent, and was introduced to Singapore only in the late 1970s. For more science, click here. 

Why choose Singaporean Mahogany 

Luxe and Large 
A relatively fast-growing species of tree, Singaporean Mahogany boards are often available as single slabs in widths of 90 – 100cm, which is slightly larger than the typical dining table. The most striking characteristic of the Singaporean Mahogany is its rich copper hue combined with bold tiger stripe-style grain patterns. This wood-choice is typically favoured by clients who need the space for many communal-dining dishes, and goes best with darker-toned interiors and luxe lighting.  
Primary characteristics: (i) relatively regular live-edges; (ii) slim: average thickness at about 4cm; (iii) finishes to a rich copper hue; (iv) prominent tiger-stripe grain style; (v) easily available at larger widths. 

Is it sustainable?  

Logging of Khaya trees is carefully controlled around the world as its status on the IUCN watchlist is vulnerable. Our Singaporean timber supplier is Green Label certified. Learn more about Green Label certification here.  

How is it processed?  

Singaporean Mahogany is harvested in Singapore from trees that were cleared for land development, and the logs that are large enough for dining table use are sawn and kiln-dried in Vietnam.  

What finishing do you use?  

Singaporean Mahogany is currently finished with multiple coats of polyurethane for maximum protection.