Launch: The Atas Workshop



Spearheaded by local industrial designer Darren Mok, The Atas Workshop will not only add another Singaporean voice to the global design arena, it aims to build a hub that facilitates creative cooperation and intercourse between niche craftsmen and designers in the region.

With awareness of the local perspective that designer furniture is often considered “atas” or out of reach of the common man, the label’s name is a wink at that colloquialism, and an attempt to reclaim its original meaning at the same time, through thoughtful creations that are designed to elevate our routine experience of everyday products.

Through mindful sharing with the community and future events, The Atas Workshop hopes to play a role in enriching Singapore’s design consciousness with creative solutions to daily events.


Designer Ethos

“Good design is functionally effective, detailed, and intentional.” - Darren Mok, Lead Designer.

The Atas Workshop champions designs that are usable, relatable and accessible.

Designs that are intentionally made for regular use, incorporating simple twists to embody stories and share ideas. While strong enough to stand alone, The Atas Workshop products are conceptualised as collections, transforming spaces into unique experiences that inspire us to live better lives, whatever that may mean to each of us.

The Atas Workshop consciously rejects trendiness in favour of timelessness - while our products may reflect the prevailing esthetique du jour at the time of creation, the story, idea or spirit embodied in these products remains immutable across time.

In a world that is only getting increasingly connected, facilitating faster exchanges of ideas and consequently rates of change, The Atas Workshop collections invite users to slow down and connect with their essence.



The Atas Workshop launches on 9 Aug 2019 with its inaugural National Day Product (NDProduct), a commemorative, limited-edition series that celebrates the roots of this design house.

The Atas Workshop will launch its first full furniture collection in Q1 2020.

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