Solid Wood Dining - Indonesian Teak

Solid Wood Dining - Indonesian Teak

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Teak FAQ 

Where does it come from? 

Indonesia. Our boards are harvested specifically from the Java region in Indonesia, and processed by a supplier whom we visit personally to handpick specific pieces, conduct quality checks, and strengthen relationships.  

What is it, actually? 

Teak is one of the most popular tropical hardwoods used for furniture around the world. To read more science, click here.  

Why choose Teak? 

Classic and Hardy.
If these two words appeal to you, consider investing in Teak.

Teak is one the most prized types of wood for furniture in the world, as its intrinsic oils allow it to repel insects, mould and make it more resistant to water damage than other types of wood.

Primary characteristics: (i) relatively regular edges for a more uniform silhouette; (ii) refined, golden-brown tone upon finishing; and (iii) subtle grain details.

Is it sustainable? 

Plantation teak is considered sustainable, as there are logging restrictions in place to protect it. However, teak is a slow-growing species of wood, and takes a long time to grow to the widths needed for typical slab table usage. For this reason, The Table Guy offers teak in a book-matched format (2pc jointed), which allows you to enjoy the quality and aesthetic of teak, while managing your price tag effectively.
Single-slab teak sourcing is available by request only.

The Table Guy currently sources all our teak from Indonesia’s plantations, in accordance with Indonesia’s national legal timber certification system (SVLK).

How is it processed? 

Our timber is currently harvested to order in Indonesia, then cleaned and kiln-dried. Our supplier makes periodic checks on the drying process, and we visit each batch before it is packaged for shipping to verify the moisture content before it gets on the boat.  
We order all our timber raw so that we can personally rectify any issues that may arrive during shipping. We have a dry-room on-site as well to remove any excess moisture that might have accumulated during the shipping process.  

What finishing do you use? 

Currently, we use a combination of polyurethane base with hardwax oil to top it off. We find that this offers the best balance of protection from the rigours of daily use, while enhancing the intrinsic visual and textural qualities of the wood.  
We constantly devote resources to research and development however, as we believe that there will always be room for improvement.
By default, we do not use glossy lacquer, and all gaps are filled with black resin. We are happy to accommodate various specific requests, however, so if you have something specific in mind please ask us and we’ll advise!