sales and consultations

  1. What are your opening hours?

    We are open for walk-ins from 12pm to 5pm on Sat, Sun and PH. All other days and timings by appointment only. Please click here to make an appointment.

  2. How much can I customize?

    Everything! But the price tag of your customization depends on the specific piece of wood you choose and the degree of customization required. In general, size customization is included in the sticker price but more specialized cuts (e.g., maintaining the live-edge while trimming the width) will incur separate fees.
    To get an accurate quote, you can email us prior to your visit or discuss with your sales adviser during your visit.

  3. What’s the usual lead time?

    Typical lead times are currently 4-5 weeks from receipt of payment and confirmation of details (where applicable).
    If you need your item sooner, let us know your situation and we’ll see how we can help. But we typically discourage rush jobs, it’s best to wait a few more days for something that’s intended to last you years.

  4. I don’t see anything I like, can you source for me?

    Yes! We can start sourcing for you after our first appointment at the showroom. This will allow us to get a better understanding of what you like and what your lifestyle needs are so that we can give more efficient results. We won’t waste your time sending you random suggestions in the hope that something will stick, our sales advisers are very happy to dedicate the time to understanding what you really want before making recommendations.

  5. I don’t really know what I want, can you help?

    Yes! Most of our clients start out without an idea of what they want for their homes or what to look out for. You can start your journey by snapping a few photos of your space and taking some measurements, when you come in for your appointment our sales advisers will ask you guiding questions to help you get a clearer picture of what works best for you.

  6. What are your payment terms?

    (i) For straightforward stock-style showroom products with no/minor customization, payment is required in full within 24 hours from issuing the invoice to confirm ownership and start work.

    (ii) For design-commissioned projects, a 50% deposit is required within 24 hours of invoice issue to start work, the balance 50% is required within 24 hours of being notified that the project has been completed, prior to delivery. Please note that if balance payment is not received within the agreed deadline despite at least 3 reminders, we will take it as an indication from you that you have chosen to forfeit your deposit and terminate the project.

    (iii) For sourced pieces, payment is required in full to confirm pieces under SGD3000, and 50% deposit is required to confirm pieces above SGD3000. For eligible cases, balance payment of 50% is due within 24 hours of arrival of your slab in Singapore. Please note that if balance payment is not received within the agreed deadline despite at least 3 reminders, we will take it as an indication from you that you have chosen to forfeit your deposit and terminate the project.

    We reserve the right to dispose of / resell / release items that have not been paid for within the stipulated period, without further notice.

  7. What payment methods do you accept?

    Bank transfer, PayNow, PayLah, cheque and cash. We do not take card payments. The payment instructions will be sent to you with your invoice. Please read the invoice carefully before making payment.

    To help customers who want to clock credit card benefits, we now take GrabPay which means that you can clock credit card benefits and Grab benefits! Please note: because of the transaction fee involved, if you choose this payment mode and subsequently require a refund for any reason, the default refund method is via GrabPay.

  8. I changed my mind after paying but I haven’t got the table yet, can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, no. All paid orders are deemed confirmed and work is usually started immediately. Do share your concerns with us though, and we’ll see how we can help!

  9. What is your warranty policy?

    Please click here to see our warranty policy in full. If this is a matter of importance to you, please read it carefully and feel free to email us your questions. We have done our best effort to simplify the language for clarity, please let us know if you have any more doubts.

  10. What is your delivery policy?

    Please click here to see our delivery policy in full. If this is a matter of importance to you, please read it carefully and feel free to email us your questions. We have done our best effort to simplify the language for clarity, please let us know if you have any more doubts.

Care and maintenance of solid wood

  1. How should I clean my table on a daily basis?

    Dust: we recommend using a simple duster.

    Grease from food: a simple wood-safe surface cleaner + dishcloth.

  2. What do I need to look out for?

    Solid wood surfaces are relatively easier to scratch. It’s the same quality that makes them easier to refinish and renew. In practical terms, this means:

    Lift, don’t drag. Look out especially for things like laptops and plates. Dogs on the table will definitely scratch, cats on the table won’t unless they’re using it as a scratching post.

    As much as possible, place-mats are your best friend.

  3. How do I avoid water marks?

    Simple! Don’t leave water on your table. Use coasters religiously, and wipe all spills up promptly. Whether it’s water or red wine or coffee, as long as you deal with it immediately all will be well.

  4. Too late! I got water marks on my table, how now?

    If it’s new, dry the area and wait a while (like, 2 weeks). If you didn’t leave the water standing too long, the mark will evaporate over time or at least lessen significantly. After that, you can buff your table to even out the appearance or the surface and that should either remove or nearly remove the mark.

  5. How much heat / cold can my table tolerate?

    To say something is hot/cold, or to give you the temperature of things is too subjective and tedious. So we developed this rule of thumb: if it’s too hot/cold to hold with your bare hand, use a coaster.

  6. Too late! I burnt/ stained my wood, how now?

    Jialat! Depends on how deep the damage goes. You might be able to remove light stains and burns with our at-home sanding technique, but deeper damage will require professional attention. Take a picture and email us for help!

  7. What maintenance services do you offer?

    We offer three tiers of professional restoration and maintenance services. They range from a preventive yearly-update (recommended for those pre-holiday feast preparations!), to a full-on overhaul (meant for damaged or very old surfaces). Go to the Restoration section of this website to check them out!

  8. What’s a good way to keep the finish updated myself?

    We recommend using a generous serving of Howards Feed n Wax, which you can get at any local Self-Fix or from us directly (while stocks last). Simply apply a layer generously, leave overnight to soak, and wipe off all excess in the morning.

  9. What polishes do you recommend?

    We recommend Howards Feed n Wax, or Howards Orange / Lemon Oil. We haven’t worked with other brands yet, let us know if you want to recommend anything to our community!
    We’ll tell you what to stay away from though: when you’re reading the label on whatever it is you want to buy, make sure it doesn’t say “use on raw surfaces only”, because that means you’ve picked up a bottle of finish and not polish!

  10. Can these techniques and recommendations apply for my plywood/MDF furniture?

    Generally, no. It depends on what’s been used for the top layer of your furniture. If it’s anything other than solid wood or a really good veneer, that’s a total no. Keep in mind that laminates and vinyls are essentially plastic, so none of the techniques mentioned here apply.

    If you’ve got a really good veneer, there’s a chance you can apply the advice here to your piece, provided you have good technique. Essentially, the fundamental restoration technique for solid wood is to remove the surface and reveal the undamaged layers beneath for use. However, for veneers the usable amount of wood is much less, so the thinner the veneer the higher the chance you might remove too much and expose the ply / MDF underneath. If that happens, there’s no going back and your piece is ruined permanently.

Bespoke solid wood carpentry and design

  1. What is this solid wood carpentry and design service?

    The Table Guy now offers in-house solid wood carpentry and design services, to help you create furnishings that are tailored to your personal lifestyle preferences and unique spatial needs.

  2. What kind of designs can I commission?

    Anything! Tables, chairs, homeware, lighting, if you’ve got a dream, share it with us. Our current expertise is in solid wood, metal and glass, and we work with industry partners to execute visions that require other materials like concrete and stone.

  3. Do you take up all client commissions?

    No. Every client that engages our services is important to us, and we make it a point to dedicate a certain amount of resources to each project, on a first-come-first-served basis in order to execute well. This means that we may, time to time, have to turn away commissions or quote very long lead times.

    Depending on the nature of commission as well, we may have to turn away the project if we feel that we don’t have the capacity or capability at the time to do an excellent job.

  4. How can I engage your design services?

    Simply drop us a message here to begin a conversation of what you have in mind!

    Depending on what you share with us in your message, we’ll probably ask you for more information, and any reference/ inspiration images you may have. You can commission our design team to replicate something close to what you’ve seen, or you can ask them design a completely bespoke piece for you, taking into consideration your space and your aesthetic preferences.

    Helpful things to share in your message: (i) what you want customized (bedframe? shelf? wall-mounted table?); (ii) size of what you want customized; (iii) size of the space your item will be in; (iv) type of materials you would like to work with; and (v) your interior design style.

  5. What will the process be like?

    Currently, the customization process starts with a simple email conversation.

    After we’ve gotten as much information as possible via email, we’ll send you a preliminary quote based on our understanding of what you need. If the quoted number sounds about right for you, we’ll set up two appointments with you: once in our showroom and once in your space.

    The meeting in our space is to help you get a clear idea of the materials you’ll be working with, and also get a very physical feel of the quality of product you’ll get.

    The meeting in your space is to help our designers get a clear idea of the space they’ll be working in and how you envision your project fitting in.

    After discussions, our design team will begin preliminary drawings to visualize what you have in mind.

    Based on those drawings, we’ll finalize our understanding of what you want, and we’ll come to a mutual agreement on the product visual. Based on the final specifications of what you need, a final quote will be drawn up.

    If you agree to that final quote, 50% deposit payment is required within 24 hours of invoice-issue to begin work.

    50% balance payment is required within 24 hours of notification that the project has been completed, prior to delivery and installation. A maximum of 3 reminders will be sent for payment notification, after which we reserve the right to consider that non-payment constitutes an indication that you wish to forfeit the deposit. Thereafter, we reserve the right to resell or dispose of the commissioned project in any way deemed suitable by the company.

  6. Are there any special terms that I should be aware of for my order?

    Yes. It is important to us that clients retain the freedom to choose whether to work with us all the way up to the point of the final quote. This means that considerable resources will have been invested even before you make your decision - time to review your case, energy in designing, drawing, gathering quotes and advising. Any proprietary materials developed by our design team specifically for your case remain the intellectual property of the company at all times, and at no times should be shared with any third parties without prior agreement expressed explicitly in writing.

  7. What’s the usual lead time?

    It can differ quite greatly from project to project, and also depends on our workload at the time of your commission. In general, please cater anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks for your project - the larger the scale, the longer the process. A lead time quote will be given to you after we have acquired a full understanding of your requirements, which you can consider before confirming your order.