The Slim Aside

The Slim Aside

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The Slim Aside faq

What wood can I make these out of?  

These consoles are currently available in Walnut, Indonesian/Singaporean Suar, Singapore Mahogany and Teak.

What is it, actually?   

The Slim Aside is a minimalist, clean side-table console designed for your entryway or to dress up a wall, a solid, 4cm thick slab mounted cleanly on slim, powder-coated steel legs.

Why choose The Slim Aside?  

Flexible and Modern.
If these two words appeal to you, The Slim Aside could be just what you need to complete your entryway.

The Slim Aside was designed to be simple and sleek, to function as a modern catch-all for your keys and coins, and display zone for your collectibles and art. Easily movable, this piece is perfect as an instant dress-up for your blank walls and corridors, while remaining flexible enough to be moved to wherever it’s needed.

Special Notes  

Although the dimensions are generally customisable, there are height and bracing limits due to the laws of physics, and our sales representatives will advise on the feasibility of the customisation you want to do based on the specifics of your order.

How do I order one?  

Each console is unique and therefore not available for selection online.

To view the pieces available, make an appointment here.
Lead time to delivery is generally 3-4 weeks, depending on the details of your order.

What finishing do you use?   

These are currently finished with hardwax oil. The level of surface protection is slightly lower than for table tops as we expect them to undergo less abuse, and helps us save you money by reducing unnecessary costs.   
If you intend to use your console to double as some other type of furniture do let us know and we’ll advise on alternate finishing options.