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Real, solid wood is prized for its durability and easy adaptability, making it one of the most popular materials seen in vintage furniture - proof of its resilience and longevity.

Now available in natural slab format, each piece exhibits an inherently unique character that helps define the soul of your space. With the uncontrollable forces of nature influencing everything - from the scattering of knots, to the number of crevices and even the colour tone of each piece, no two slabs are alike.

How to navigate:
(1) The Showroom Collection is a showcase of what's currently available for viewing in store.
(2) Pieces from The Warehouse Collection are available for viewing only by appointment, with at least 3 days' notice.
(3) Browse The Discount Rack for great deals on slightly less-than-perfect (visually) boards, with just-as-great performance and quality. 

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