The Atlas Shelf
The Atlas Shelf
The Atlas Shelf
The Atlas Shelf
The Atlas Shelf
The Atlas Shelf

The Atlas Shelf

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A Durable Design by The Table Guy. 

It's the 21st Century. We shouldn't have to add worn out plywood carpentry to landfills every time our storage needs change. 

The Atlas Shelf is our sustainable alternative to built-in shelving. Not only is it easily adjustable to adapt to your evolving collection and lifestyle, it's also remarkably durable and easy to move if you want to bring it to a different space or give it a new home.

This is one built-in investment that will pay off for as long as you want it to. 

*Each Atlas Shelf Set comes with 2 verticals and 4 shelves. Should you require additional shelves/ reduced verticals (for 2 or more units)/ customised widths, please contact our team for quote and purchase advice. 

The Atlas Shelf can be customised to your preferred width, and the combination and set up of multiple units can also be tailored to your space.

This page does not allow you to submit a customised purchase on your own. To order a customised version, please contact our team for a quote and assistance with purchasing.

Each shelf is available in 3 stock widths (70mm / 900mm / 1200mm).
Each pole is 250mm thick, and there are 2 height options: 2000mm / 2450mm.

Please note the space requirements: Per unit, you will need a minimum additional 90mm of space to fit the unit. That means, a 700mm shelf unit will require at least 790mm of wall space.

Each "unit" is 2 poles and 4 shelves.

The weight load of The Atlas Shelf is transferred to the floor directly (there is no pull on the wall), so you don't have to worry about sagging shelves over time!

We have tested up to 100kgs per shelf with no flex, as long as the weight is evenly distributed over the shelf.

Poles are made of powder-coated mild steel.
Shelves are made of solid raw teak (with finishing options available).

The Atlas System is delivered in separate parts and will be installed on site.

Special notes:

1. Installation will require wall-drilling. Clients are reminded to check and obtain any clearances for the noisy work (if required).

2. A concrete/ brick wall is ideal. Should you wish to install on partition board, you will need to (i) get your contractor to pre-install support studs within the wall with their locations marked out for installation; OR (ii) our installers will have to tear out the partition and place reinforcements within prior to installation. This may result in uneven paintwork subsequently.

The current lead time on The Atlas System is 3-4 Weeks.

Lead time on The Atlas Shelf is currently 3-4 Weeks.

Got a question about The Atlas Shelf we haven't answered, or just need some customisation/configuration advice?

Text us directly at +65 8499 8989.

Revolutionary Adaptability.

Shelving that evolves with you.
No tools required

Let your display adapt to your collection.

Whether you collect bikes, bears, or books, the Atlas Shelf is easily adjustable to the perfect height to showcase your most treasured items.

No tools = adjustable however you want it, whenever you want it.

Heavy duty awesomeness

This shelf was built for the long term.

Add sections when you need to, move the entire unit to a different location with minimal fuss, or even rehome it entirely - this is one built-in shelving designed to be reused for a long, long, long time.