Duduk: Classic

Duduk: Classic


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The Duduk Classic FAQ

What wood are these made out of?

The Duduk Classic is made of Sungkai. They are available in no-stain and dark-stain options.

What is it, actually? 

The Duduk Classic is one of our all-time favorite dining chairs. It is jointed from several pieces of Sungkai in Indonesia, with iron bolts reinforcing the delicate arm joint. The seat pad is hand-crafted by a Singaporean upholsterer using several layers of premium foam, completed with precisely-cut fabric.

Why choose The Duduk Classic?

Comfortable and Classic
If these two words appeal to you, consider going with The Duduk Classic to complete your dining set.

The Duduk Classic was designed for maximum comfort and convenience - the arm-rest extends just enough to support a good section of your forearm, while avoiding taking up too much forward space thereby allowing you to tuck the chair under the table when not in use. The back-rest is built to the exact right height supporting the upper back without uncomfortably crowding the shoulder blades, allowing the user to lean back with ease.

Available in a range of natural colors, the Duduk Classic’s ergonomic, timeless design places it outside furnishing trends, ensuring that you’ll have a piece that fits your space for many years to come.

Special Notes

In order to achieve the look of the Duduk Classic combined with its ergonomic qualities, compromises have been made to the joint strength in certain parts of the chair. This means that the chair is not designed to be used in any other function other than for seating fully grounded on the floor. Please do not tilt or lean back on the chair, or use it in any other function that would result in an atypical distribution of weight on the joints of the chair.

Do you have them on Demo at the showroom?

Yes! Please come try them out at the showroom. We are open for walk-ins 12-5pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. For all other days and timings, please make an appointment first.

How do I order one?

As we are able to allow clients to choose from a range of upholstery options, we usually recommend making an appointment to come down to check out the fabric in person as the lighting in photos and rendering on screens can result in a difference in appearance.

If you prefer not to come down to check out the chair in person, drop us an email here with the number of chairs you would like to get, and we’ll send you the final quote depending on your total invoice. Please note that all usual disclaimers apply for natural products - do expect minor variances in the wood grain as well as slight differences in the colour tone between the photo and in real life.

What finishing do you use? 

Our chairs are currently finished with hardwax oil. The level of surface protection is slightly lower than for table tops as we expect them to undergo less abuse, and helps us save you money by reducing unnecessary costs. 

Technical specifications:
Chair Back Height: 79cm
Chair Seat Height: 45cm
Chair Seat Width: 49cm
Chair Seat Depth: 47cm
Chair Arm Length: 17cm