DIY Table Maintenance in 10 Minutes*

We're HUGE fans of minimum fuss, self-empowered furniture maintenance. After all, furniture that you can care for on your own, is furniture that can continue to serve you for a long, long time. 

Since 2020, all solid wood slab tables from The Table Guy are finished in the premium Rubio Monocoat hardwax oil system, making it one of the easiest tables to care for in Singapore.

Here's all you need to know about refreshing your table surface for best continued performance:

(1) Frequency
We recommend oiling your table at least once a year. It's a quick, DIY session that doesn't cost a lot in time and money, and not only keeps your table looking great, it helps mitigate the effect of any (inevitable) user accidents. 

An easy calendar tip: set your annual table maintenance to your preferred hosting holiday. 

(2) Tools
Here's what you'll need: (i) good ventilation; (ii) gloves if you have sensitive skin; (iii) the Rubio Monocoat Easy Care Kit; (iv) 10 minutes of uninterrupted time for application (*cater up to 30-40 minutes if it's your first time/ you have a larger table); (v) at least 4 hours of no-touch time, with up to 24 hours for best results.

(3) Method: 
View the demo video here:

(4) Tips:

(i) Clear all chairs/ obstacles so it's easy to walk around your table.

(ii) Work in sections - get an extra pair of hands if needed.

(iii) Get all your tools prepped and in one place before starting: when your hands get oily you don't want to have to run around the house opening cupboards and looking for tools. 

(iv) Once you have applied the oil all the way to the end of your table, it's likely already time to start removing the oil you applied at the start. This is Singapore-specific advice - trust us on this one. We've experimented with this personally, and after accounting for our tropical heat and humidity, we strongly recommend removing the oil promptly or risk it hardening and getting too tacky to remove without professional help.

(v) If this is your first time, set a timer so you get a loud reminder. Better safe than sorry!

(vi) Viable replacements for the box applicator & buffing cloth: a retired dishwashing sponge (yellow side) and any old t-shirt you already planned to throw away.

(vii) Buff all excess off thoroughly: your table should be clean by the end of your buffing, and the surface should feel silky (not oily and definitely not sticky).

(viii) Plan to do this at least 2 days before you need to use your table. The minimum no-touch time is 4 hours (and thereafter only with a lot of care and protection), but the ideal no-touch time is at least 12-24 hours. Keep the table area well ventilated during the drying time.

And that's it! Short and sweet: with just a 30-minute investment of time and energy, you'll have done a lot to prevent costly repairs and restoration down the line, PLUS you get to enjoy a fresh table. 

Now for the real question: would you refresh your table before or after hosting your loved ones? 

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