The Rustic

The Rustic

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Choosing solid wood is one of the most environmentally-conscious decisions you can make when selecting your furniture. Click here to read more on why we think so.   

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The Rustic Bench FAQ 

What wood can I make these out of? 

Reclaimed Ironwood and Reclaimed Teak.

What is it, actually?  

Straightforward seating solutions made out of reclaimed wood! Depending on your choice of interior decor, these would either make the perfect complement to your dining set or a thoughtful stop point at your entryway where you and your guests and put on / take off their shoes.

Why choose a Rustic Bench? 

Hardy and Recycled
If these two words, appeal to you, consider going with a Rustic Bench to play your part in reducing our landfills by repurposing perfectly great materials. Having lived previous lives as beams and railroad tracks, the slabs used for these benches are exceptionally weathered and hardy.

Special Notes 

We strongly recommend a beam support be included for all benches above 1.8m, regardless of the type of joint used. At the same time, we also recommend clients carefully consider whether they want to order benches above 1.8m in length in the first place, as they can be unwieldy to use in practical situations (imagine having to stand up to leave the dining table for a moment and everyone on that bench has to stand up with you!). 

How do I order one? 

We encourage clients to come to the showroom to pick out the exact piece of wood to craft from. During the appointment we’ll also take the opportunity to learn more about your lifestyle needs and exactly what you have in mind, to ensure that what you order is what you really want! Make an appointment here.  

What finishing do you use?  

Our benches are currently finished with hardwax oil. The level of surface protection is slightly lower than for table tops as we expect them to undergo less abuse, and helps us save you money by reducing unnecessary costs.  
If you intend to use your bench to double as some other type of furniture do let us know and we’ll advise on alternate finishing options.