Solid Wood Dining: White Oak (Edge-Panelled)

Solid Wood Dining: White Oak (Edge-Panelled)

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White Oak FAQ 

Where does it come from? 

North America. The harvested wood is then processed in China, by our FSC-certified supplier.  

What is it, actually? 

White oak is a very popular species of hardwood more commonly used in flooring due to its relatively homogenous grain pattern. Due to its neutral colouring and structural sturdiness, white oak has been growing in popularity for other furniture uses in situations that require a wood table that blends.

Why choose White Oak? 

Clean and Subtle
Where most other types of wood can be distinguished by their uniquely dramatic grain patterns, white oak stands apart with its distinct lack of drama.
White oak is especially suitable as complementary relief for other dramatic pieces in the same space. With its neutral base tone, white oak is also one of the best types of wood to use for staining.
Primary characteristics: (i) completely regular edges; (ii) slim profile (2.5cm thickness); (iii) subtle grain patterns; (iv) natural finished colour is honey brown.

Special Notes: 

We currently only carry white oak in edge-panelled pieces.

Is it sustainable? 

Currently, yes. However, it is a slow-growing type of tree and logging is therefore very carefully regulated. While we do not currently control the entire supply chain, The Table Guy only sources our walnuts from our FSC-certified supplier to ensure that the part of the supply chain we cannot control adheres to internationally-recognized regulations. Read more about FSC-certification here.  

How is it processed? 

White oak timber is currently harvested in North America, and transported to China where it is sawn, kiln-dried and jointed.
We order all our timber raw so that we can personally rectify any issues that may arrive during shipping. We have a dry-room on-site as well to remove any excess moisture that might have accumulated during the shipping process.  

What finishing do you use? 

Currently, we use a combination of polyurethane base with hardwax oil to top it off. We find that this offers the best balance of protection from the rigours of daily use, while enhancing the intrinsic visual and textural qualities of the wood.  
We constantly devote resources to research and development however, as we believe that there will always be room for improvement.
By default, we do not use glossy lacquer,. We are happy to accommodate various specific requests, however, so if you have something specific in mind please ask us and we’ll advise!